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Why Shred Documents? To Safeguard Your Personal Information

Businesses that handle personal information, such as credit card/sales receipts, and payroll records, have a legal obligation to keep your information secure. It's the law. Disposing of private information without destroying it is against the law. Unfortunately, not all business owners take the proper steps to secure your information. Some of this information may end up in a public dumpster, becoming accessible to criminals. Dumpster Diving is NOT a crime. Anything deposited in a dumpster is readily and legally available to anyone. The way to safeguard confidential information is to make sure it is securely collected and destroyed. If your company is involved with any litigation, it is important to demonstrate that your company has in place and routinely follows a record retention and destruction program. Identity theft is on the rise. The Federal Trade Commission states that each year millions of Americans are victims of identity theft. With a small amount of information, criminals can destroy your credit. By hiring Secure Shred Solutions to shred your sensitive documents and materials, you'll reduce your risk of exposing confidential information.

Choose Secure Shred Solutions For Your Shredding

  • Will help protect your employees and customers from identity theft
  • Will help protect your company information from competitors
  • Will help protect your company from criminal charges and civil litigation
  • Cost-effective solution for large and small businesses
  • We offer secure bins to deposit sensitive documents and materials
  • We offer on-site and on call shredding
  • AAA NAID Certified member
Secure Shred Solutions is the answer to all your shredding needs. We offer reliable and convenient service you can trust. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

Disclosure:A Certificate of Destruction (a legal document that should be retained to demonstrate that due diligence was used to protect the confidential records) is provided with all of our services.

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