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Iowa's Trusted Document Purging & Cleanout: Onsite Or Plant-Based Service

Are you moving or closing an office? Let Secure Shred Solutions help! As your professional commercial shredder in Iowa, we can assist you in destroying old files and records safely and securely. We offer annual or periodic document purge and cleanout services–just call to schedule a time.

Why purge? Purging old documents helps protect your business and also your customers. It's easy to forget just how sensitive data is once it's all boxed up and stored away. By purging old documents, you ensure that this data won't fall into the wrong hands.

Both of our on-site and plant-based purging and cleanout services are available through a one-time appointment or annually scheduled appointments. To learn more about this process or schedule an appointment, call us today!

Disclosure: A Certificate of Destruction (a legal document that should be retained to demonstrate that due diligence was used to protect the confidential records) is provided with all of our services.

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