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Document Shredding Services Ankeny, Iowa

Secure Shred Solutions provides safe, affordable shredding services to residents and businesses in Ankeny, Iowa. Every business owner is liable for their employees’ personal information, and when confidential material is thrown away, it could fall into the hands of anyone. At Secure Shred Solutions, we can help protect your sensitive information and safely destroy it. Some businesses may want to save time and money by handling this task on their own, but the truth is that you will really be saving time and money by hiring a professional. Our services are very affordable and will give you peace of mind knowing that you are one step closer to protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud.

We provide the following services for customers in Ankeny, Iowa:

Plant-Based Shredding
Secure Shred Solutions provides plant-based shredding services to clients in Ankeny, meaning one of our trained shredding specialists will arrive at your location and load your sensitive material into our locked secure vehicle for transport back to our plant for destruction.


On-Site Shredding
Let us come to you! Our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks travel from our office to service clients across Iowa, including Ankeny.


On-Call Services
For this service, we provide you with a locked collection container to deposit your daily documents, keeping them secure until it’s ready to be emptied.


Drop Off (at our Carroll, IA plant)
Secure Shred Solutions offers residential and business drop-off services at our facility. No shredding job is too small or too large and don’t worry about removing staples or paper clips beforehand.


Scheduled Route
Scheduled route shredding is a perfect solution for businesses that need personal information shredded on a regularly scheduled basis. A huge benefit of this service is that we offer you free use of our locked collection containers.


Purge/Clean Out
As your professional commercial shredder in Ankeny, Iowa, we can assist you in destroying old files and records safely and securely. We offer annual or periodic document purge and cleanout services–just call to schedule a time.


Hard Drive Destruction
We are a full service data destruction company that has the technology to destroy your media in an environmentally-friendly way.


Secure Media Destruction
We have strict security rules and proven standards for chain-of-custody for your data, so you can be sure your computer hard drives and multimedia will be properly handled.


Free Container Use
As a Secure Shred Solutions customer, from corporate to small business, you'll receive FREE use of our containers. These containers are safe, reliable, discreet, secure and durable.

At Secure Shred Solutions, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to processing data and destroying information to avoid fines, legal actions, and penalties. No job is too big or too small. If you are in the Ankeny, IA area and are in need of safe, professional shredding services, contact us today.

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