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On-site secure shredding company

Secure On-Site Shredding Service

Secure Shredding Company in Spirit Lake, IA

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If you are looking for a secure place to shred your credit card statements or other personal materials in Spirit Lake, IA, we have the solution - Secure Shred Solutions. We are a family owned and operated business that focuses on honesty, reliability, and integrity. We make sure your items are completely destroyed so criminals and competitors won't gain access to your data.

Keep in mind that most identity theft can be obtained by paper because it can be easily transported and read. Unfortunately, most crimes are inside jobs, meaning your own employees are likely to commit the crime.

Why Choose Us to Protect Your Information?

  • We implement information security protocols
  • We protect confidential information
  • We provide free secure locked containers for your business
  • AAA Certified NAID member
  • Bonded and fully insured
  • No long-term agreement is required
  • We provide quick, efficient, and cost-effective service
  • Certificate of Destruction is provided each time we provide service
  • We provide off-site, on-site, and mobile shredding
  • Shredding documents are recycled to protect the environment from waste product accumulation
  • Corporate and personal shredding services

What Should Be Shredded?

At Secure Shred Solutions, we can shred just about anything. Whether you need to destroy paper documents or an old hard drive, we will safeguard your most confidential material.

We can shred the following items:

  • shredding company Spirit Lake IABlueprints
  • Credit card applications
  • Records
  • Wills and contracts
  • Cancelled checks
  • Insurance and patient information
  • Drivers' License
  • Trade secrets
  • Bank/Financial statements
  • X-rays
  • CDs/DVDs/videotapes
  • Pill bottles
  • Magazines
  • Audits/Surveys
  • New product designs

Since identity theft is on the rise, shredding is essential. You need an experienced shredding company that handles confidential documents in a secure way. Don't rely on your office or home shredder because they are high maintenance and require constant disposal of shredded papers. We can help you eliminate the cost of shredders and bag fees. Contact us today for professional, cost-effective shredding solutions. We proudly serve the Spirit Lake, IA area.

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