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On-site secure shredding company

Secure On-Site Shredding Service

Secure Shredding Company in Red Oak, IA

secure shredding company red oak ia, shredding services read oak, secure shredding services red oakRed Oak, located on the East Nishnabotna River, is the county seat of Montgomery County, Iowa. It derives its name from Red Oak Creek which had lovely red oaks along its banks. Originally named Red Oak Junction during the early days of the railroad, the town still celebrates its history related to the railroad and remembers many of its veterans who died during the Civil War and World War II. The birthplace of noted comedian, Johnny Carson, Red Oak offers its residents the quality of life of a small farming community.

Like all communities, Red Oak has government entities, financial institutions, medical offices, and businesses which have a need for professional shredding services. By law, all old medical records are required to be shredded. Every legal, financial, and business institution as well as individuals in Red Oak need to shred fianancial, medical, and other private documents. With identity theft becoming more common, it has become even more important that private information not enter into the wrong hands.

At Secure Shred Solutions, we can handle all of the public, business, and individual shredding needs of Red Oak, IA. Our shredding company makes available mobile, on-site, and plant based shredding services to both commercial and residential customers throughout the state of Iowa. In addition to paper shredding, Secure Shred Solutions can destroy hard drives and other electronic and digital media, critical for privacy and avoiding identity theft. We also implement strict processing policies, provide reliable and affordable services, and offer the most effecient and effective paper shredding and electronic document destrucition in Iowa.  With a commitment to privacy, reliability, and cost effectiveness, it is our goal to provide outstanding customer service for all of our Red Oak customers.

Our Shredding Services

shredding company red oak Iowa, secure shredding ia, shredding services red oakSecure Shred Solutions offers the following service options in Red Oak::

  • On-Site Shredding: On-site shredding services allow you to place and store all sensitive materials in free locked containers until they are destroyed.  We ensure the highest level of security based upon NAID Certification Policies and Procedures.
  • Plant-Based Shredding: Plant-based shredding services permit you to bring all of your sensitive materials to our secure facility for destruction.
  • On-Call Services: On-call services allow you to place all of the sensitive materials at your location into free locked collection containers until we come to shred or destroy them.
  • Scheduled Route: Sheduled route services allows you to store all sensitive materials at your location until we are scheduled to pick it up at a time that is least disruptive for yourr business.
  • Drop Off: Drop off service is available for all business and individual customers.
  • Purge/Clean Out: Purge/clean out service helps you destroy old files and records at the time you decide to move or close the office for any other reason..
  • Secure Media Destruction: Secure media destruction service destroys electronic and digital media and computer hard drives.
  • Free Container Use: Free safe, reliable, and secure containers are available for all homes and businesses. If you should need to retrieve a document, all containers have a lock and key.

What We Shred in Red Oak, IA

Secure Shred Solutions provides a variety of shredding services designed to meet the requirements of your Red Oak home or business. Our shredding services are priced and customized to your specific needs. Our mission is to serve you in the best way based upon your shredding volume and budget.  All of our paper shredding and media destruction services comply with federal and Iowa privacy laws and requirements, and we provide you a Certificate of Destruction for each service you receive.

We serve the following customers:

  • Government offices
  • Home offices
  • Bank/Financial institutions
  • Hospitals and medical offices
  • Law and legal service firms
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Retailers
  • Service providers
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Residents

To assure your privacy, we destroy everything from business papers, credit cards, hard-drives, CDs/DVDs, medical records, x-rays, prescription bottles, and more.

Your individual or company's private information needs to be protected and securely destroyed.  Secure Shred Solutions offers affordable, efficient, and reliable destruction services. If you live in Red Oak, IA, contact us today if you want to be certain that your private information remains private once you no longer need it.

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