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On-site secure shredding company

Secure On-Site Shredding Service

Secure Shredding Company in Hampton, IA

secure shredding company hampton ia

Every business is responsible for each of their employee's and customer's personal information. If it should fall into the hands of the wrong person, they could be liable. Secure Shred Solutions protects and destroys your confidential information. Our services are very affordable, and we can assure that you, your employess, and your customers are safe from identity theft.

We provide the following secure shredding services in Hampton, IA.

Following are the reasons you should consider hiring Secure Shred Solutions:

  • Bonded and fully insured
  • Family owned and managed
  • Highest Security Rating
  • Certified Drivers
  • Certificate of Destruction provided
  • Shred documents and digital materials
  • Provide storage options
  • Material is recycled
  • Cost-effective and efficient service
  • No long-term contract necessary
  • Volume savings

What Items Should Be Shredded?

At Secure Shred Solutions, we know what and how materials should be destroyed to avoid fines, penalties, and legal actions. Our services are secure, reliable, and efficient. We are proud to serve businesses, professionals, educational institutions, and residences in Hampton, IA.

professional shredding company Hampton iaWe regularly shred the following materials:

  • Blueprints
  • Budget data
  • Business plans
  • CD's/DVD's
  • Credit cards
  • Inventory records
  • Marketing plans
  • Phone books
  • Pill bottles
  • Quotes
  • Tax returns
  • Unused checks
  • Videotapes
  • X-rays

Secure Shred Solutions can help you protect your confidential information from people sorting through your dumpster. We have the reputation for being the top commercial shredder in Iowa and accept jobs of any size. Contact us today for shredding services in Hampton and other Iowa communities.

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