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On-site secure shredding company

Secure On-Site Shredding Service

Secure Shredding Company in Auburn, IA

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The average security breach costs businesses billions of fees and lost revenue. Make sure your confidential documents don't end up in the wrong hands. Count on Secure Shred Solutions for hard drive destruction and secure paper shredding in the Auburn, IA area. We safely shred sensitive information so you'll have peace of mind.

Why Shred?

Shredding protects your company's information, as well as your customer's private documents against identity theft. You no longer have to manage impertinent information. Lastly, shredding is the law. Avoid fines and penalties by complying with regulations.

Many residents choose Secure Shred Solutions in Auburn, IA because we offer a wide array of shredding services, such as:

  • Recycling: We pick up and recycle old electronics.
  • Free container use: We use safe and durable containers that come with a key in case you need to retrieve documents.
  • Hard drive destruction: We safely destroy old hard drives and other types of media.
  • On-site shredding: We provide free locked containers to collect and destroy sensitive documents. Customers can schedule a convenient pickup day and time.
  • Plant-based shredding: This is a double shredding process that involves transporting sensitive documents to our facility for document destruction.
  • Drop-off: We offer residential and business drop services at our facility.
  • Scheduled route: We can collect and empty your storage bins according to your schedule.
  • Purge/clean out: We can annually or periodically clean out your old records. We also destroy old files and records if you're moving or closing an office.
  • Corporate shredding: We can destroy sensitive documents for small and large corporations.

What Should be Shredded in Auburn, IA?

  • secure shredding Auburn IATapes
  • Computer CD's
  • Invoices
  • Personal records
  • Credit card receipts
  • Research and development records
  • Business plans
  • Financial reports
  • Business proposals
  • Legal files
  • Credit card applications
  • New product designs
  • Tax returns

These are a few items that we recommend shredding. If you have questions about our services, contact Secure Shred Solutions. We provide cost-effective shredding for residents in Auburn, IA.

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